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State Winners






1934 South Australia Adelaide SA
1935 South Australia Melbourne VIC
1936 South Australia Sydney NSW
1937 New South Wales Adelaide SA
1938 New South Wales Perth WA
1939 New South Wales Melbourne VIC
1940 WWII Series Suspended    
1941 WWII Series Suspended    
1942 WWII Series Suspended    
1943 WWII Series Suspended    
1944 WWII Series Suspended    
1945 WWII Series Suspended    
1946 New South Wales Sydney NSW
1947 Victoria Adelaide SA
1948 Victoria Perth WA
1949 Victoria Melbourne VIC
1950 New South Wales Sydney NSW
1951 New South Wales Adelaide SA
1952 West Australia Perth WA
1953 New South Wales Brisbane QLD
1954 Victoria Melbourne VIC
1955 New South Wales Sydney NSW
1956 Victoria Adelaide SA
1957 South Australia Perth WA
1958 Victoria Brisbane QLD
1959 South Australia Melbourne VIC
1960 South Australia Sydney NSW
1961 South Australia Adelaide SA
1962 Victoria Perth WA
1963 New South Wales Brisbane QLD
1964 South Australia Melbourne VIC
1965 Victoria Sydney NSW
1966 South Australia Adelaide SA
1967 South Australia Perth WA
1968 Victoria Brisbane QLD
1969 South Australia Melbourne VIC
1970 South Australia Sydney NSW
1971 South Australia Adelaide SA
1972 Victoria Brisbane QLD
1973 Victoria Perth WA
1974 Victoria Melbourne VIC
1975 West Australia Sydney NSW
1976 South Australia Adelaide SA
1977 West Australia Perth WA
1978 West Australia Brisbane QLD
1979 West Australia Melbourne VIC
1980 South Australia Sydney NSW
1981 Victoria Adelaide SA
1982 Queensland Sydney NSW
1983 Queensland Perth WA
1984 Victoria Brisbane QLD
1985 West Australia Brisbane QLD
1986 Victoria Sydney NSW
1987 Queensland Brisbane QLD
1988 Queensland Brisbane QLD
1989 [Claytons Shield - NSW] Sydney NSW

Australian Baseball League (ABL)

No Claxton Shield Tournament Held or Shield Trophy Awarded

During The ABL Years 1990-1999

1990 Waverly Reds Altona VIC
1991 Perth Heat Palm Meadows QLD
1992 Daikyo Dolphins Palm Meadows QLD
1993 Melbourne Monarchs Perth WA
1994 Brisbane Bandits Parramatta NSW
1995 Waverly Reds Moorabbin VIC
1996 Sydney Blues Sydney NSW
1997 Perth Heat Brisbane QLD
1998 Melbourne Reds Melbourne VIC
1999 Gold Coast Cougars Homebush NSW

International Baseball League Australia (IBLA)

No Claxton Shield Tournament Held or Shield Trophy Awarded

During The IBLA (Nilsson) Years 2000-2001

2000 Western Heelers Gold Coast QLD
2001 IBLA Internationals Gold Coast QLD
Resumption of Claxton Shield
2002 Victorian Aces Melbourne VIC
2003 Queensland Rams Sydney NSW
2004 New South Wales Patriots Sydney NSW
2005 New South Wales Patriots Sydney NSW
2006 Queensland Rams Sydney NSW
2007 Victoria Aces Perth WA

West Australia - Perth Heat




Helms Award Winners

The HELMS AWARD is believed to have been established by the Helms Athletic Foundation once based in Los Angeles, USA.

Co-founder, Paul HELMS, died in 1957 and the Foundation he helped create with Bill SCHROEDER in 1936, finally dissolved in 1982.

Tradition has it that the Award was given to Australian Baseball in honour of Ron SHARPE who, for many years, was a leading player and arguably one of the finest players South Australia ever fielded.

Australian Athletics, too, was a beneficiary of the Helms Athletic Foundation with the Annual Helms Award for the most outstanding Australasian Athlete.

Winners of this Award included cyclist Sid Patterson, swimmers, John KONRADS, Dawn FRASER, Shane GOULD and track stars Shirley STRICKLAND, Herb ELLIOTT and Betty CUTHBERT.

Baseball's Helms Award remains today as the pinnacle award in the National Baseball Calendar, presented annually at the completion of the National Baseball Championships ("Claxton Shield") to the Most Outstanding Player.

1962 STRAND, Anthony ("Tony") Pitcher NSW
1963 CANTWELL, Kevin Catcher / Utility NSW
1964 PEARCE, Adrian Infielder SA
1965 DEANY, Graeme Shortstop VIC
1966 GREATREX, Kevin Outfielder SA
1967 THOMPSON, Garry Catcher SA
1968 SWANSON, John Outfielder VIC
1969 PAGE, Neil Pitcher SA
1970 RUSSELL, Paul   NSW
1971 McIVER, Ron Catcher VIC
1972 KNAPP, Don Catcher WA
1973 MUNDY, David Infielder SA
1974 BUSZARD, Neil   VIC
1975 HOME, Laurence ("Larry") Utility QLD
1976 ALBURY, Alan Pitcher QLD
1977 OWEN, Ron   VIC
1978 MICHEL, Ray Pitcher WA
1979 WONNACOTT, Brian Pitcher VIC
1980 GALLOWAY, John Catcher SA
1981 HODGES, John Shortstop VIC
1982 MARTIN, Geoffrey Outfielder QLD
1983 MATELJAN, Doug Catcher WA
1984 WARD, Brett Outfielder VIC
1985 STALL, Tony Pitcher WA
1986 ORFORD, Lindsay   VIC
1987 NILSSON, David Catcher QLD
1988 Not Awarded    
1989 VAGG, Richard Infielder VIC
1990 Not Awarded    
1991 Not Awarded    
1992 Not Awarded    
1993 Not Awarded    
1994 Not Awarded    
1995 Not Awarded    
1996 Not Awarded    
1997 Not Awarded    
1998 Not Awarded    
1999 Not Awarded    
2000 SNELLING, Chris Outfielder NSWC
2001 Not Awarded    
2002 VAN BUIZEN, Rodney Infielder NSW
2003 LEWIS, Craig Utility NSW
2004 RONEBERG, Brett Outfielder QLD
2005 HARMAN, Brad Infielder VIC
2006 DUTTON, Brad Infielder QLD
2007 KENT, Matthew Catcher VIC
2008 BALGERA, Clinton Outfielder WA



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