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Finally, the First Practical, Step-By-Step, Roadmap for
  Playing Lead Guitar Like a Pro... 100% Guaranteed

   ̶  Bob Murnahan, Author of Pentatonic Power

Frustrated? ... and looking for the key to playing great lead guitar?
Maybe you’re a complete beginner and don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’ve learned a few scales already and you’re thinking...now what?  Maybe you’ve even learned a few solos by your favourite players but when it comes down to playing your own solos you are at a complete loss for what to do.

I understand those feelings of frustration because I’ve been there myself and I’ve seen and heard the same complaints from students that come to me looking for the answers.

Pentatonic Power | Bob MURNAHAN

Pentatonic Power - Roadmap to Playing Guitar Like a Pro

 Dream no longer!

Start NOW!

Bob Murnahan

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Now you can jam to the luxury of a professional blues band  – even if you don't have one

   ̶  Zack ROBERTS, Producer of 50 Blues Backing Tracks

Are you a blues guitarist or harmonica player looking for great blues tracks?  Sick and tired of cheesy midi tracks? Your time has come!

Jam with blues backing tracks & the entire band arrives at the touch of a "play button"

It is no secret that Blues is one of the most intriguing and interesting genres out there. If you looking to take your blues guitar playing to the next level, you're in for a pleasant surprise...

Uncover The #1 Proven Method of Improving Your Blues Playing. Sounds Incredible? Take a Listen ... and download 5 FREE jam tracks!

50 Professional Backing Tracks | Zack ROBERTS

50 Professional Blues Backing Tracks

 Jam with your own band!

Start NOW!

Zack Roberts

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This book contains some of the most valuable information that you will ever learn about learning the guitar

   ̶  Ben EDWARDS, Publisher of the Jamorama Guitar Course

With 29 Jam Tracks for you to jam along with in a wide range of musical styles including rock, jazz, country, blues, hip-hop and dance you can jam with the Jamorama Band and immediately put the things you've learned into practice. Watch your guitar playing skills sky-rocket!

With Jamorama, you'll also discover how to recognize lead patterns and shapes, and how to transcribe songs from the radio and CDs simply by playing my fun and sophisticated software games. Thousands of people, just like you, worldwide have used my unique multimedia course to fast-track their guitar learning, while having piles of fun in the process. Will you be next?

Jamorama | Ben EDWARDS

Get Results!

Immediate Access !

Ben Edwards

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Playing Through the Blues contains some of the most valuable information you will ever learn about learning guitar

   ̶  Griff HAMLIN,  Publisher of the Playing Through the Blues Guitar Course

Playing Through the Blues - A Guide for the Lead Guitar Player is so much more than just a book full of blues scales and licks . . . over 120 minutes of up close videos and jam tracks that are just like real blues songs.

Inside the book you'll find all of the scales and fingering patterns that you'll ever need, all of the necessary blues licks, tricks, and techniques, and complete blues solos in the styles of your blues guitar heroes. Each of these solos demonstrate the techniques and approaches for crafting those perfect blues solos. You'll love learning these because they are real solos over real blues. Are you game enough to check it out?

Playing Through the Blues | Griff HAMLIN

Stop Wasting Time!

Amaze Yourself!

Griff Hamlin

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SLOW DOWN GUITAR SOLOS Without Changing The Pitch

If only I had something to slow down guitar solos and still stay in pitch so I could pick it out slowly and then build up speed and nail those solos . . . well, Here It Is!

  ̶  Heath NICHOLSON, Guitarist, Teacher and Creator of RiffMaster Pro

Go Slow to Get Fast
Heres the deal, as anyone will tell you you can't get good at anything unless you work at it Right? As a musician or a aspiring musician you can't just pull out amazing runs or solos at will, unless you spent time learning them. Now here's how you can do it faster, quicker and more efficiently. To learn any difficult piece of music you must be able to hear all the notes and the way the musician plays the notes.
Riffmaster Pro 3 now with upgraded technology now makes it a breeze for you to play virtually anything.
Slow down those blistering solos so you can pick out each note and nail it.  You can gradually build up speed till you are just as fast as your favorite player.  A must-have for ALL musicians!

Heath NICHOLSON | Riff Master Pro

Heath NICHOLSON | Riff Master Pro

Slow it Down! Get Ahead!


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