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Schools Spectacular 2000 & 2001

Sydney Entertainment Centre

  VJ King Jr | Sydney Entertainment Centre - Friday 17 November 2001  

Sydney Entertainment Centre

23 November 2001

Featured Artist - VJ King Jr

VJ hamming it up on top of Playbill's merchandise counter - ground floor lobby, Sydney Entertainment Centre




[1] In the background are posters of Human Nature (featured artists on the same bill) and VJ's Shadow Of A Dream poster.  The album was released one month earlier - on 28 October 2001

[2] There were three appearances - Friday evening, Saturday matinee, and Saturday evening

[3] Tickets to all three concerts were pre-sold and the venue was configured to seat 12,000 + (approximately)

[4] The first 'Spectacular' VJ performed in was the year 2000

[5] In 2000 he played a cut-down version of The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt - a tune made famous by The Shadows in the early1960s

[6] The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt / It's A Man's World was released in May 1964 - Columbia DB 7261 - and reached #5 in the UK music charts at a time when the Beatles phenomenon was in full swing

[7] In 2001 VJ played a compilation tune, made up of The Atlantics' Bombora, and Hawaii Five-O

[8] VJ auditioned - unsuccessfully - in 1999

[9] VJ was not nominated (a necessary prerequisite) by Samuel Gilbert Public School for the 2002 Schools Spectacular

[10] VJ auditioned - unsuccessfully - in 2003

[11] VJ did not nominate in 2004 - his 1st year at the Conservatorium High School.


Information Source: Hocking Family diaries and archives


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