CHANNEL 9 Nine Network SYDNEY, Australia

Following publicist Jacqui Bosanac's 08 April 2003 Media Release, "From Woolshed to City Recital Hall", Sydney-based national commercial TV station, Channel 9, picked up on the release's "Never give up" theme and, having booked Tommy Emmanuel to appear on Morning's With Kerri-Anne, arranged for VJ King Jr to appear on the same program.


Playing in from an ad break with an original blues number which was followed by a short interview, VJ was then joined by Tommy Emmanuel and then both were interviewed by Kerri-Anne Kennerley before VJ performed his favourite Chet Atkins piece - Yakety Axe - with generous rhythm backing provided by Tommy Emmanuel. 


Since his first meeting Tommy Emmanuel at the Vinegar Hill Woolshed on 16 September 1998, VJ King Jr (then 7 years old) had set his heart on playing with Tommy.  At Yallah, on Thursday 17 April 2004, 4 years and 7 months later, VJ's dream finally came true: and today at Channel 9 the dream became a celebration of determination and years of hard work, and many sacrifices.


Along with the Yallah Woolshed pictures, the images below of VJ King Jr's appearance with Tommy Emmanuel on TV 9's Mornings With Kerri-Anne on 21 April 2003 are among the most prized in VJ's collection.

"thank you Gina for helping make one of my dreams come true"

"Steve Bennett's harp guitar ... what a sensational sound... and, thanks, Steve, for being my new friend"

The Mouse

"TE doesn't travel with Mouse anymore. She's safe with Henno in Lippstadt, Germany, at the studio where TE records. I asked TE who was the last person to sign mouse before he retired her. He thought for a moment, and said, 'That would be VJ King, Jr.' I thought you would like to know that. It's really a great honor." - Stephanie Lambert (july '03)

"this is where I stop playing ... and listen"

"nahhh, Bosco, the bass string's down here!"

"I think Tommy's looking to nick my magic pic out of my fob pocket"

"these 2 old musos wandered into the studio offering to do the warm-up spot... well, how could I refuse..."

"... camera's over this way, Tommy!..."

"...that's better!"

Bosco & (HeartBeat publicist) Jacqui Bosanac, with Kerri-Anne, VJ Jr and Tommy Emmanuel

"you're the man!" - peter andrews and vj, with vj's video biographer, david 'star wars' kelly

"in the channel 9 green room - warming up before the show"

"boy, did we kick some butt today!"

"valet parking here is impresive!"

"say hi to cricket - she's my biggest fan"

"the old boys take a break"

"what a shame this day had to end - and Peter, too, had to go"

"tommy has been watching over my shoulder for a long time now"

pictured above

vj king jr, gina mendello, stephen bennett, the mouse, tommy emmanuel,

bosco bosanac, kerri-anne kennerley, jacqui bosanac, peter andrews,  david kelly, cricket, and vj king sr

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