"Never give up!"

- Tommy Emmanuel, 16 September 1998

vj king jr speaks for the first time to tommy emmanuel since 16 september 1998


"I Didn't!"


- VJ King Jr, 17 April 2003

 the "never give up" autograph that inspired a seven-year old to achieve great things

"to James [ a.k.a. VJ King Jr ]!

Never give up

Tommy Emmanuel



DEPICTED above is a copy of the original Hills Shire Times advertisement that prompted VJ King Jr's father to book 2 seats for Tommy Emmanuel's 16 September 1998 Vinegar Hill Woolshed concert.  The tickets were intended for his son, VJ King Jr - and VJ's tutor, Peter Andrews.


Andrews fell ill at the last minute, and it  looked as if the tickets would have to be given away or forfeited.  A touch of providence, a change in circumstance, and VJ King Sr found himself relieved from his work commitments enabling the evening to proceed, with father and son in attendance.


In a brief introduction to Tommy Emmanuel by VJ's dad after the concert it was explained to Tommy that VJ had only just begun leaning guitar in the January of '98.  At this point VJ proudly held out his blistered finger tips as evidence of his dedication ... and it was this, the hallmarks of hard work borne on the fingers of one so young, that gave rise to the "Never give up" message that features in Tommy's autograph above.


Four years and seven months later, and with a debut album under his belt, VJ King Jr meets up with Tommy Emmanuel at the Yallah Woolshed in a hastily arranged photo-shoot for a Sunday Telegraph article.  The picture above depicts those first precious moments as Tommy Emmanuel talks with a stunned VJ.


Stunned, because VJ was not expecting to meet Tommy until a week later, on 26 April, for a (pre-arranged) jam session prior to Tommy's City Recital Hall concert.  The cameras clicked and VJ and Tommy immersed themselves in a mini finger-picking jam session.


Beguiled more by VJ's infectious (and mischievous) grin than his playing ability, Tommy invited VJ to stay on for the evening's performance - and, later, during the concert, beckoned him to the stage where he introduced VJ King Jr to his Yallah Woolshed fans.  Tommy chatted briefly to the audience, explaining the history behind their Yallah Woolshed meeting - paid tribute to VJ's remarkable achievements with the guitar - and the two of them then set about playing a bracket together. 


An impromptu performance with Tommy Emmanuel was one thing .... the Yallah Woolshed crowd's generous applause was another.  Five years hard work is a long time mastering an instrument when you're only twelve years old! ... and the kind folk from Yallah and surrounds gave VJ a reception that made him very proud - a reception that he will remember forever.


All of this, thanks to one very generous and caring human being, William Thomas Emmanuel. 


God Bless, and thank you, Tommy!


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