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HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ's favourite DJ - Grizzly Jack Strawser

HeartBeat Entertainment | SoftSounds Radio | Everybody's favourite Internet Radio


Committed to the softer side of music to help you relax and unwind after a stressful day, SoftSounds Radio is the creation of golden tonsils Jim Strawser and his co-owner/station engineer, Bellestarz, who hails from Alberta, Canada.
Soft Sounds Radio features a wide spectrum of music genres including Blues, R&B Soul, Jazz, Country/Western, Bluegrass, New Age, Cajun, Steel Drum, and Reggae.

No Heavy Metal here but they do play 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's Hair Music!  There's Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd and even some Prince, along with a healthy dose of unsigned artists.

The first internet radio station to give VJ King Jr and Chantelle Marie King regular airplay – HeartBeat Entertainment is very proud to welcome SoftSounds Radio and DJ, James 'Grizzly Jack' Strawser, as a HeartBeat media Partner.



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VJ King Jr | History of Rock 'n' Roll logo

The story of the birth of rock ‘n’ roll has a mythical quality to it. It speaks of racial barriers bridged through the fusion of Afro-American musical styles with white popular music in 1950s America. Not only did white record producers and radio disc jockeys market Afro-American artists, but white artists began to cover their songs, as well as incorporate Afro-American style into their own song writing. The musical style was so powerful that the white audience was infected by it, despite the social stigma that listening to “race music” possessed. The common view of teenagers’ participation in the creation of rock ‘n’ roll as an act of rebellion runs parallel with the music’s legendary origins. Through rock ‘n’ roll, the teenagers of the United States created a generational gap that angered their parents’ generation. Teenagers rejected kitchy Tin Pan Alley, “Sing Along with Mitch,” and the sleepy crooning of Perry Como and embraced 'The Beat'.


VJ King Jr | Memphis Blues Hall

In 1903, on a lonely train platform in Tutwiler, Mississippi, African American composer W.C. Handy encountered a man playing “the weirdest music I had ever heard," an unexpected sound that would soon expand to become the most influential form of American roots music. And although it reverberates to this day across the globe, both on its own and through the many genres of which it is the foundation — including jazz, rhythm and blues, rock 'n' roll, soul, and hip-hop — it is still known, quite simply, as the blues.
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of this encounter, and in recognition of the blues’ ongoing impact on music and cultural history, both in America and around the world, on September 5, 2002, the United States Congress proclaimed the year 2003 as the “Year of the Blues” (YOTB).

The year will be celebrated by bringing together blues events, multimedia projects (radio and film series), concerts, festivals, and education initiatives.



VJ King Jr | The Blues Foundation logo

The Memphis-based Blues Foundation is a non-profit umbrella organisation for more than 100 blues societies. Organized and founded in 1980, The Blues Foundation's mission is to preserve Blues history, to celebrate Blues excellence and to support Blues education. Interesting and informative website.
The 25-category annual Handy ballot is chosen by an international panel of blues industry professionals, then voted on by more than 30,000 blues fans.



VJ King Jr | The Martin Guitar Company - the Martin Story

Established 1833 and an American icon – Martin guitars are a genuine benchmark by which others are judged.

The Martin Story is a fascinating one. The Martin Guitar Company dates back to the 1830s when Christian Frederick Martin, Sr. moved to the United States from Europe. The guitar shop he set up over 160 years ago has been continuously family owned and operated. Martin Guitar Company Chairman and CEO, Chris Martin, is the sixth generation Martin to head this venerable company.

Definitely worth checking this site out.

VJ King Jr’s acoustic guitar collection includes a couple of these treasured seasoned timber gems.



VJ King Jr | Mallia Luthier logo

Sydney-based Mallia Lutherie is a repair, restoration and custom manufacturing studio for acoustic and electric guitars and basses. Pearl inlays a specialty.

Jeff Mallia began building and repairing musical instruments, starting with violins, at 13. He studied violin from the age of seven, and electric bass from the age of 14 and, later, acoustic bass. All VJ King Jr guitars are maintained and serviced by Jeff Mallia, Mallia Lutherie.

Want the best out of your musical instrument? - Invest in the best independent professional advice possible BEFORE investing your money.


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VJ King Jr | Kinman logo


We purchased Chris Kinman's HBM pickups in 2000.
At the time we were very hesitant to 'mess' with a brand new American Deluxe series Fatstrat - and much procrastination preceded our taking the Kinman leap! (What Fender owner, or purist, would not understand the trauma associated with making that decision.)
Plugged into our Fender Concert (4 x 10) amp, with volume knobs on Full .... No Hum!... Noiseless!... No exaggeration!... Unbelievable!
VJ King Jr's HBM Kinman pickups were purchased through, and installed by Jeff Mallia, Luthier (see Link above).
Serious about your Fender? ... be serious about Kinman! ... and then be serious about your choice of to whom you entrust their installation.
This product is worthy of the 'Noiseless' praise it globally receives. Check out the Kinman website and learn why!


VJ King Jr | Shadowsland logo

Everything 'Shadows' in one pit stop  - information, product, news, music, backing tracks, and links of interest for the most fastidious SHADOWS fan and SHADOWS musician. At Shadowsland you can find out about equipment, ask questions and order everything you need to help you play and sound like Hank Marvin. All orders and enquiries are passed to the respective supplier or club, and information or products will be sent to you by return post.


VJ King Jr | Australian Baseball Federation logo

VJ King Jr | New South Wales Junior Baseball League
Fast becoming the "In" sport in Australia, and one that VJ King Jr loves to play – so check out this website of the national body (Australian Baseball Federation) where you will also find Links to the various member states.

For the advancement of Junior Baseball within the NSW
The NSW Junior Baseball League administers Tee Ball and baseball in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Sydney with development programs and competitions for boys and girls up to the age of 16. Eight member Associations conduct competitions, development, and promotion in local areas.
An endless History of US Major League Baseball - informative and interesting website dealing with one of the greatest games to ever come out of USA




VJ King Jr | US Major League Baseball - History of the Game


VJ King Jr | Momi organisation logo

America's first virtual musical instrument museum. Hank Risan, Chairman, began searching for vintage Martin guitars when he was 17 and has spent the past 25 years assembling a vast collection of the finest 19th and 20th Century guitars. An absolute MUST if you're a guitar freak!!



VJ King Jr | Music Business - by Shane Simpson

VJ King Jr | Shane Simpson Lawyers logo

It’s been Australia’s best-selling & most authoritative book on doing business in the music industry.
Written by top lawyer & dealmaker, Shane Simpson, “Music Business” has been totally rewritten, updated & expanded to 640 pages.
Released February 2002 – this is an absolute goldmine of information.
A must for every Manager and Musician.



VJ King Jr | Fender Frontline - cover 2002

VJ King Jr | Fender white fatstrat Fender USA

This site has improved immensely over the past year and is definitely worth a visit. Interesting behind-the-scenes stories adds a nice human touch to a thoroughly colourful and informative catalogue which includes Fender's broad range of premium products including Gretsch, Guild, Benedetto, Jackson, Rodrieguez and Squier.
The Links page is among the best (if not the best) you'll find on a music product-related site... and definitely worth checking out.
Warning! Brew a mug of coffee before you begin. It's easy to get lost in this links-list of 'greats'. Fender Australia



VJ King Jr |Sydney Shadows Club - logo

Sydney Shadows Club

Propelled into existence in April 2003, following the success of a small private gathering in October 2002 and a Shadows tribute concert in March 2003.
Catering for young and old, VJ King Jr is proud to be a founding member of this special interest group which is awash with talented amateur and professional musicians, effects tech-heads, Shadows music buffs, and those who just love to sit back and enjoy the kind of music they just don't write anymore.
Send Adrian an email now and get him to mail you a member's application form.

At just $25 p.a. (that's a huge 50cents a week!) you'll experience loads of fun, meet extremely interesting characters, and benefit from the sharing and learning culture which underpins this group.

Adrian Browne, President



VJ King Jr | Kim Humphreys - Now Hear This logo

Now Hear This!

We often talk about the Humphreys Sessions - well, meet the man himself at Now Hear This Recordings.

  • Access to GIGA SAMPLER sound library for authentic programmed drum and bass sounds.

  • Use of Line 6 VETTA modelling amp and LINE 6 VARIAX guitar.

  • Valve mics, pre-amps, EQ and compression. Specialising in vintage and classic guitar sounds.

  • Kim's Start-To-Finished Product service includes graphic design and mastering.


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VJ King Jr |  Sydney Blues Society supporter

The Sydney Blues Society Inc was formed in 1992 with the simple objective of organising and enjoying regular Blues jams.


This non-profit, voluntary organisation is dedicated to raising the profile of Blues music through various activities including


  • Regular free monthly Blues Jams

  • Regular Blues Harbour Cruises

  • 'The Blues Times' monthly News magazine

  • Facilitating member Discounts at supporting music stores across Sydney

  • Providing Information and Updates through the Sydney Blues Society website



Blues Music - Blues Artists - Blues Jams -
Blues Venues - Blues Festivals




it's all right here at


The Sydney Blues Society


Email your Blues Times Subscription request AND / OR Membership Application enquiry to


Dick Hughes

Sydney Blues Society

10 Smalls Road RYDE NSW 2112 Australia
Telephone +61 (0) 2 9878 6742


VJ King Jr | Keeping The Blues Alive - A Blues Foundation logo
   The Ultimate Music Artist Resource


Music Classifieds | Music Resources | Discussion Boards

Music Artist Profiles | Music Charts | Music News ♫ ♫ ♫
Artistopia is the first company that delivers a clear, potent, and qualified strategy for independent music artists and music industry professionals to come together under one roof and speak one language - potential music success!

  HeartBeat Entertainment | Links - Partners | Blues On Stage


Proprietor, Warren Ross, is not your ordinary promoter – he, and the Wollongong-based entertainment promotions company he heads up are 'hands on' professionals from start to finish.  If you're a venue manager, company functions director, or the convener of a special private function, Warren Ross is your man.  For hassle-free delivery and promotion of quality, live blues, jazz or rock artists ...  get on that phone now to Warren at BluesOnStage  –  0414 528 651


Vintage Vinyl | We Buy Mint, Near Mint and Excellent condition Vintage Vinyl Records and Collections

Vintage Vinyl | We Buy Mint, Near Mint and Excellemt condition Vinyl Records and Collections
  • you have a great old 50s – 60s vintage vinyl EP / LP record collection

  • most of your records are in excellent, near mint or mint condition

  • the jackets are gathering dust – insurance is getting expensive ... and ...

  • you could do with a little extra cash

Vintage Vinyl | We Buy Mint, Near Mint and Excellemt condition Vinyl Records and Collections





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VJ King Jr | Local Music Directory

The Local Music Directory
A directory of musician and music business website links organized by category




"All links on this page were active as at the time of publishing.  Change is one of life's constants - so, please let us know if any of the above links present you with a problem... we want you and those that follow you, to enjoy your time with us, and not find it one of annoyance or frustration. Thank You!"



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