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VJ King Jr | Chantelle Marie King

  ["I don't want to say too much 'cause this is my sister" - vj ]

Top 5 Nominee

Musicoz 2002

Performers Category

Runner Up

Musicoz 2002

Performers Category


The Enrico Masiella Memorial Award

Outstanding Vocalist of the Year 2002


The Hills Talent Search 2000


The Hills Talent Search 2001

Throughout my career in the music industry, rarely have I heard a voice of such quality and interpretative awareness in one so young. . . a talent way beyond her years.

  - Jim Shipstone

ex-md bmg music publishing

(australia & nz)


HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Tommy Emmanuel - music man

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Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P


“One of the greatest players on the planet.”

   - Chet Atkins, cgp


“I’m gonna steal all his guitars, the kid’s entirely  too good.”

   - Jerry Reed


“I have played with Tommy, he is amazing.”

   - Martin Taylor


"God made a special music man."

     - VJ King Jr


Tommy Emmanuel's Australian Tour and

The Emmanuel Brothers 45th Anniversary Tour

 - 24 January thru 15 February 2004 -

The Tour finished on a high note as NationalTV 9's This Is Your Life host, Mike Munro, 'stung' Tommy Emmanuel at the very end of a sensational last Australian concert performance being played with brother Phil Emmanuel


click HERE for behind the scenes report and photographs


click HERE for behind the scenes report and photographs

VJ King Jr | Tommy Emmanuel

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | The Wiz

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“Phil’s musical prowess is so astonishing that there are times when the man becomes the guitar and the guitar becomes the man. His passion is illuminating, his ability is breathtaking.”

 - Glenn A Baker


"... Phil Emmanuel e.g.p. - the 'Jack Daniels' of electric guitar..."

 - Anon


 "... what a fun guy to play with... if only I could play Blue Angel like that ! "

 - VJ King Jr


Check out the Phil Emmanuel website for the Bio, CDs,  all the latest information on this great Australian guitarist.  Better still, check out Phil's Gig Guide and go see The Wiz, live!


The Emmanuel Brothers Historic 45th Anniversary Tour

 - 24 January thru 15 February 2004 -


click HERE to view the Australian Schedule

click HERE for behind the scenes report and photographs

VJ King Jr | Phil Emmanuel

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Walter Trout & The Radicals

Born 1951 in Ocean City, New Jersey, Trout’s early development years (1974 - 1980) saw him backing Californian blues artists included Finis Tasby, Pee Wee Crayton, Lowell Fulsom, and Percy Mayfield.  Teaming up with Hammond B3 wizard Deacon Jones ... his apprenticeship continuing in the bands of John Lee Hooker, Big Mama Thorton and Joe Tex.
Trout’s reputation as an ace sideman led to the invitation to join venerable blues rock band Canned Heat, where he remained 1980 through 1984 – the year headed the call to join the legendary John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers.

With the Bluesbreakers, he found himself sharing the spotlight with fellow guitarist Coco Montoya. Trout and Montoya lifted the band to a new level, as Mayall’s Bluesbreakers enjoyed unprecedented album sales and high profile tours in the US and abroad. It was as close to his childhood dream as he could get.
The 1989 break with Mayall and formation of The Walter Trout Band quickly segued into immediate extensive touring of Europe, playing large venues and music festivals. Mainstream radio helped bring Trout several hits in Europe keeping him busy for a decade that included the release of 8 recordings during hectic touring schedules.
His commercial and critical success in Europe kept him so busy outside of the US that his arrival back home found him only resting to go back to the frantic pace his popularity demanded overseas. Like many American blues and roots-music artists, Walter Trout developed an incredible following in Europe, but came home to little fanfare. This was fine with Trout, as he now had started a family and his down time was a valuable escape from the world of touring and playing.
Now touring as Walter Trout and The Radicals, Trout’s artistry and passion translates into a high energy performance whether it’s in front of 50,000 people, or performing in a small club for a couple hundred.

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Walter Trout & The Radicals

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Matilda (France) with BlueAngel Fender Stratocaster

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Edith Piaf was France's 'little sparrow'. 

Well, now meet France's 'little Shadow' - the delightful Miss Mathilde Delpierre, a.k.a. Matilda.

Matilda's break came when Pat Terrett (Zoe's manager) cancelled one of Zoe's performance dates in France, and Matilda was asked to step in. 

She has since become a regular name at European 'Shadows' events.

Then followed her debut album - "Little Shadow". 

Recorded when she was 11, it delivered 7 well-performed melodies, five of which were written by her manager (and proud father) Pierre-Antoine Delpierre.

Check Matilda's website for the reviews - particularly of her latest 12-track offering,  The Angel Of The North, subtitled "...a tribute to Newcastle upon Tyne" - a title deriving from her visit to the area.

Of the originals, track 5 (P A Delpierre's Dance The Day Away)... and of the covers, track 8 (Dusty Springfield's You Don't Have To Say You Love Me)... are definite standout tracks.

"Little Shadow"?  May be!... but if the sensitive renditions that are to be heard on this CD are any guide, nothing but 'Bright Lights' are ahead for this charming, young French Strat-slinger!  2005 NEW RELEASE - Get Moving

VJ King Jr | Matilda


HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Mr Twang - Kim Humphreys

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Initially a product of the Sydney pub rock scene, Kim Humphreys has been championing the ‘retro instrumental guitar’ cause for over 20 years, first coming to the attention of the instro community in the 80’s with his tribute album to Oz surf music, Brave New Wave.
Now with a string of independently produced and released albums to his credit, his small loyal fan base is spread worldwide.
In 2005, American magazine,
20th Century Guitar, called him


... one of the finest exponents of the vintage guitar instrumental style in the world to day’.

While not a country artist, per se, Kim has managed an instrumental finals berth at the (Australian) Tamworth Country Music Awards 3 times since 2000.
Kim has a reputation for being totally dedicated to his craft and is involved in many diverse areas, promoting and maintaining the legacy of classic instrumental guitar. In June 2006 he was presented with the prestigious Victorian based ‘Stewie Award’ for services to the instro cause.
With gigs few and far between, Kim currently supports his instro habit by teaching guitar at The Learning Lounge, situated in Turramurra on Sydney’s upper north shore.

VJ King Jr | Kim Humphreys - Email

VJ King Jr | Mr Twang - Kim Humphreys - Promo poster


HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Jim Conway - harp player

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Harmonica player extraordinaire whose distinctive style is well known to blues, jazz and country music enthusiasts. His extensive career includes national tours with American bluesman Brownie McGhee, The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Circus Oz and The Backsliders.  Jim was a member of the Conway Brothers Hiccups Orchestra from 1984 - 1988 and toured the UK in 1986 appearing at the Edinburgh Festival, the Capitol Music Festival and the Newcastle Festival. In 1988, the Conway Brothers appeared at the Houston International Festival, World Expo 88 and the Perth festival. Jim joined the Backsliders in 1989, touring nationally and at festivals that included Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Festivals, Womad, the East Coast Blues, the Port Fairy Folk, and the Gold Coast International Jazz and Blues Festivals. Jim has also composed, produced and recorded music for a broad range of film and radio projects; and at the Sydney Paralympics Opening Ceremony he performed a piece of music especially written to feature his harmonica playing. A documentary film celebrating Jim's contribution to Australian music was screened on SBS Television in July 2000. The film won a silver medal for Best Independently Produced Documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival.

VJ King Jr | Jim Conway


HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Hank B Marvin - guitar player

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Brian Robson Rankin - a.k.a. Hank B Marvin - b. 28 October 1941 at Newcastle, UK.

Hank and Bruce Welch (a.k.a. Bruce Cripps) began playing together at school in a skiffle group called The Railroaders at the age of 14. They entered a talent competition held in the Granada Cinema at Edmonton, North London in 1957 - made the finals, came third and decided that, when they left school, they would go to London to try their luck in the music business... which they did.

Onto the scene came the UK's answer to Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard - and the call came for a backing group.

The rest is history... The Shadows became - and remain - a phenomenon in music history - with 34 hits in their own right and another 33 in association with Sir Cliff Richard.

VJ King Jr is not the only young guitarist who cut his teeth chewing on Hank Marvin leads and Bruce Welch rhythms ... nor will he be the last.

Tens of thousands of mature-age guitarists are, to this day - nearly half a century on - still striving to find "that sound".

But Hank himself has moved on... with his most recent Guitar Player album a clear testimony, reinforcing global admiration for the now Perth (Australia) based Guitar Players' guitar player.  Following Hank Marvin's successful 2002 Final Tour [Europe/UK] -

Hank, Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett have come together for a Shadows Final [UK] Tour that will run 30 April - 13 June 2004.


["I'd kill for a vest like that!" - vj ]

VJ King Jr | Hank B Marvin tribute


HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Bosco Bosanac - Bassman

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The Atlantics original lineup was Peter Hood, Eddy Matzenik (replaced by Jim Skaithitis), Bosco Bosanac, and Theo Penglis (replaced by Martin Cilia in the 2000 reformation of the group).

'Bombora' became their signature tune - a massive hit written on a rainy day after Peter and Jim decided against going to the Royal Easter Show because of the weather.  The single was released July 1963 and in the space of four weeks went to the top of the charts, holding the number one position for eight consecutive weeks. 'Bombora' is an Aboriginal term for large waves breaking over submerged rock shelves. The Atlantics won the 2GB and Macquarie Broadcasting Network Turn Table Award as the 'Top Australian Instrumental Group of 1963-64' and were also honoured with the 3UZ Instrumental Band of the Year Award.

The success of Bombora propelled them into the studio to record an album of the same name; and, in the years that followed, Bombora was covered by countless bands in many countries.  'Bombora' was played at the Sydney 2000 Olympics Closing Ceremony to complement the image of 100 lifesavers dragging an oversized lifesaving reel into the arena.

In 1998 Bosco Bosonac opened the vintage record café in Annandale, Sydney.  It was here that he realised, mainly through people hounding him at the shop, that The Atlantics were, indeed, folk heroes. This prompted a reformation.

In 2000, three decades after their 'retirement', The Atlantics re-surfaced and released a new album 'Flight Of The Surf Guitar' complete with a run of live shows.

They performed on ABC TV's Studio 22 and 10.30 Slot - which generated a flood of e-mails mostly from young kids who thought they were "awesome".

It's that simple....They Are!!

In 2005 Bosco stepped from the Atlantics lineup to launch The Johnny Cash Tribute Show - a timely move given the elevation  in recent times of the now deceased Cash to almost cult status and the 02 February 2006 release of the movie, Walk The Line, starring Joaquim Phoenix (Johnny Cash) and Reese Witherspoon (June Carter-Cash).

VJ King Jr | Bosco Bosanac


HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Zoe McCulloch - UK's Stratocaster Queen

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Seventeen-year old Zoe McCulloch was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North of England.  At age 11 she became part of the Youngstars on Guitars (UK) project, and at 13 was invited by Ex-Shadow, Jet Harris, to play a duet with him on one of his albums.

Zoe's Shadows "and other instrumental heroes" debut solo album - Zoe With Love - acted as an important career catalyst.  Success as a solo instrumentalist demands individuality of style as well as personality.  And, so, Zoe began her move away from the Shadows-clone tag with the (2000) release of an album of  Abba track covers - Abbaguitabba - attracting a 'best new artist' vote, and Queen Of The Stratocaster title, by fans in Brazil.

A change of studio and musical director resulted in two subsequent, critically acclaimed albums, Girls With Guitars (2002), and the latest, Never Give Up Never Give In (2003).

Following Zoe's performance at the 4th Annual Nokie Edwards Music Festival (Harrisburg, OR) during the Independence Day holiday weekend of July 4-5 2003 came a month-long tour of the US taking her to NYC, Nashville, Tulsa, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.

A well-designed, visually impressive website with a heap of photos and sample tracks to whet the appetite.

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Zoe McCulloch


HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | The Atlantics | Bombora - The Next Generation

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In his last guest appearance for the Australian Schools Spectacular at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, VJ King Jr played The Atlantics' 1962 smash hit,  Bombora.  Their new album, Atlantics ... The Next Generation is a value-packed double disk CD that includes Pipeline, Wipeout and a special nylon mix of Bombora ... The Next Generation. 

Highly recommended.

Thanks, Peter, Jim, Bosco and Martin - this CD is a live-wire album introducing the surfin' guitar to a whole new generation of rock instrumental guitar lovers.

Check out The Atlantics website - and jump quickly on this great new album recorded by Australia's all-time favourite band.  'Atlantics ... The Next Generation' will bring back a flood of memories for the oldies, and give the kids something to really stamp their feet to.

VJ King Jr | The Atlantics


HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Pete Cornelius and The Devilles

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Raw Blues Energy ...  Pete Cornelius (lead guitar/vocals), and his recentl;y retired backline comprising Phil Wilson (Bassman) and Bruce Cornelius (Drums) were over 8 years touring and recording across Australia from Dover to Darwin, Cairns to Kunnunara and everywhere else in between... including the countries biggest blues festivals - the Byron Bay Blues Festival, Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival (Narooma), The Australian Blues Festival (Goulburn), The Blues on Broadbeach Festival (Queensland), to mention a few.

In 2003 the band toured the United States, returning for the October long-weekend Narooma Blues Festival.

All the latest information is on Pete's website - check it out.

VJ King Jr | Pete Cornelius and The Devilles


HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Chris Cain

San Jose Jazz Festival, August 10, 2002

photo by Sarbajit Banerjea (

united states flag
The most requested international artist by patrons of the Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival (Narooma, Australia) in its entire 10 year history.
Hailing from San Francisco, USA, Cain taught himself to play guitar at the age of eight, and began playing professionally before he was eighteen. Chris studied music at San Jose City College, and was soon teaching jazz improvisation on campus. Over the next twenty years, Cain would also master piano, bass guitar, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone. The combination of his blues upbringing and his jazz studies melded to form the searing guitar style that sets Chris Cain apart and has moved him to the top ranks of the blues music scene.
Chris Cain's jazz-tinged, blues soaked guitar and deep, warm vocals have the maturity and authenticity of bluesmen many years his senior. His expressive style is the result of a lifetime of study and the relentless pursuit of music mastery. His passion and intensity are a blend of his mother's Greek ancestry and his father's soulful black heritage.

VJ King Jr | Chris Cain

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Wolf Mail Canadian_USA Flag

Describded by National Public Radio in Memphis, USA as “The missing link between Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan”, Wolf Mail has a very clean, powerful and yet sensitive guitar style. 

Following his headline performance at the Narooma Blues festival with the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Tony Jagger remarked “Words simply cannot describe the intensity and clarity that comes out of this man’s guitar” . 

The Australian Southern Star reported : “ The man has a voice that will raise chicken skin down your back.”  Wolf’s playing is concentrated with no waste, as the UK Gloucester Times recalls, “wringing emotions out of every note and making each one count”.  Wolf’s live performances are legendary, and as Ron Edmonds from Exclusive Management puts it, “You always get something out of a Wolf Mail show, if you don’t relate to his songs you will sure relate to the intense passion he’s got for it.”
Canadian born Wolf Mail started playing guitar at age 10 listening to Elmore James and Ray Charles records.  He did his first gig at 14 and began touring with his own band at 17.  Wolf's encounter later on that same year with Detroit guitarist, Ted Nugent, led to some time on the road with the highly controversial, hard rock guitarist.  Meeting Ted was also influential in Wolf's ultimate decision to relocate to California to pursue his musical career.

From his very early gigs at the famous Whisky A Go–Go in Los Angeles, to the Shibuya Nights in Tokyo, Japan, to the Quartier Latin in Paris, France, Wolf always had an intense passion for stage work.  He is one of those rare artists in today’s music scene to successfully tour four continents on a yearly basis, clocking over 200 gigs a year in the US, Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia.

The grapevine has it that Australia will be seeing, and hearing, a lot more of this high energy bluesman in the near future as his tour expands to take in more Australian venues. 

Beware! .... the Wolf is knockin' at the door!

Wolf Mail Official Website

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Links - Friends | Ross Ward australian flag

Born in Sydney, May 1954, Ross Ward grew up around a switched-on musical family, and a pile of 78's and (later) 45's that included such greats as Fats Domino, Winnifred Attwell, Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Lonnie Donnegan, Johnny Cash. Then came surf music followed by the Stones, then the big 'blues' discovery trip they inspired, which led to Muddy Water's, The Three Kings, and back to John Mayall.....
Once older brother Warren joined Sydney's 'Flying Circus' and, later on, Blackfeather & Flake, the inevitable parental resistance caved in to Ross's demands that he be allowed to follow suite, but only on the condition that he learn to play his instrument first!
Ross Ward's on-stage career began in the late sixties and, after Warren Ward left the Flying Circus, the two brothers formed the band Stonehenge with Nigel Macara (drums) and Tim Gaze (guitar) a child prodigy who had a huge influence on Ward.
A long residence at Sydney's Whiskey Au Go-Go during the Vietnam war and 'progressive' rock years led out the seventies. Ross recorded albums with John J Francis and Aiden Nolan, while the band Cinamon toured constantly for three years from '71-'74. Cinamon was headed by guitarist singer-songwriter Phil Doherty, a long-time musical partner of Ross through three different bands up to and including the early eighties. Both Ward and Doherty were founding members of Speed Limit who released several records via Polygram/Airborne.
A tour with Canned Heat, and some kind words from (the late) Henry Vestine, convinced Ross to re-examine his musical roots and, in the mid-eighties, he formed The R & B Band, a fixture in the music scene from 1984-1995, with occasional forays by Ross with Bandana ands Lucky Starr.
The band (comprising drummer Bruce Stephens, bassist Zolton Budai, and earlier line-ups which included drummer Rudy Miranda and guitarist Steve Edmonds) became a musical door for some of Sydney's finest blues/rock musicians hosting regular guests such as Phil Emanuel and Dave Tice.
In 1995, Ross moved to the Byron Shire, far north coast NSW, and set about establishing himself there as an acoustic soloist before hitting the road solidly from 2000 onwards, presenting both his band (Ward's Xpress) and his solo music along the east coast with a regular touring schedule, in addition to festival appearances from Qld to WA.
In November 2003, after three Ward's Xpress CDs, Ross finally released his debut effort, Transit Lounge, claimimg the 'BluesOz CD of the Year'.

Wolf Mail Official Website


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