08 March 2003



Phil Emmanuel

with special guest

VJ King Jr

The Galston Club

Organisers: Tracey Morris & Brian Lawrence

Host: The Galston Club, Sue Chizzoniti - Entertainment Manager


 over $7,000 raised to benefit some very special kids...


The story of how VJ King Jr came to play with Phil Emmanuel is an intricate one - however, and interestingly, their meeting had absolutely nothing to do with contemporary communications and negotiations for VJ to meet with Phil's brother, Tommy Emmanuel, who was planning to tour Australia in April 2003. 

The circumstances that led to VJ meeting Phil all had to do with a combination of New South Wale's State Licensing Laws, City Tattersalls Club, a very determined Dee LeBlang (Phil Emmanuel's manager) and VJ's fascination for Phil's electric guitar playing - more particularly, Phil's arrangements of Hank Marvin and The Shadows tunes.  Why the fascination?  Well, he liked Shadows music... and also because VJ was due to perform with Sydney-based group ShadOz the following weekend (16 March 2003)... and he knew Phil had not earned the nickname 'The Wiz' for nothing!

Looking back it was, in large part, VJ's meeting up with Phil Emmanuel, and the time Phil spent with him, that inspired VJ to record his own 'earthy' arrangement of the old Shadows classic, The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt (see Link below).

Thank you Phil... Thank you Dee!!

VJ King Jr | New Demo... The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt






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