The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt


voted instrumental of the year (uk) 1964

Phil Emmanuel & Vj King Jr play up a storm at Silks Club Sydney, Australia

03 May 2003

Silks Club - City Tattersalls - Sydney CBD

Phil Emmanuel accompanies VJ King Jr in his new arrangement of

The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt


Background to the recording of

The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt



At a June 2003 plan-meeting, VJ expressed his wish to record a 'Shadows' track that:

  • was "up-to-date" and "in ya face"

  • would appeal to his "younger generation"

  • would be an appropriate "tribute to Hank Marvin and the Shadows"

  • maintained the 'integrity' of the original tune

  • would not be seen as just another "carbon copy" of Hank Marvin

  • reflected a "rock n roll" as well as a "bluesy feel" ... and, finally,

  • would include VJ's own 'signature' - and, so, with the track at its end... the swampy-blues tag that you faintly hear is one that looks back over "Bunt" as if to say - "brothers and sisters, don't forget the roots of yo' good old rock 'n' roll " .

  What Fans Have Had To Say  

“I sit here listening over and over to VJ King Jr’s 2003 version of Flingel Bunt, and can’t help but think the little Aussie gumnut has just made this guitar classic his own … and at the tender age of 12 … a knockout track that grooves deeper with every repeat play! ”

– Hambone

   Florida USA

"It's a sure-fire bet that VJ will be listed in Downbeat magazine's all time great guitar slingers by year 2010.  Get moving 'little fella' that's only 7 years away - I know Tommy would be proud for you to join him in the listings."

 – JAC

   Sydney NSW

"Very good indeed!  This Shadows track played by VJ would simply fit into the next album without problem.  It will have my full support for his next release.  Best wishes."

 – Richard L


"Thanks for the sneak preview of Flingel Bunt, Here are the reactions ...

1. Alex (14yrs) : 'That is soooo scarey!  You gotta get the CD.'

2. Robt : 'That's brilliant, it sounds like the Shadows but different. Its his own sound!   I'd luv to meet VJ.'

3. Me: well I am totally gobsmacked, he really does have a feel for the music..."

 – Clan Houston


"I just listened to VJ's version of Flingel Bunt ... its bloody brilliant. Very creative and a great sound..."

 – Spike H

    Perth WA


And .... speaking of Perth .....


VJ King Jr | Hank B Marvin with New Burns Marvin 40th Anniversary model guitar | Photo courtesy of Burns Guitars London

photo - courtesy of Burns Guitars London

Authenticated by Hank Marvin as a true replica of his original 1964 Signature Model, the Burns Marvin will be available as a limited edition only.

This is the man who started it all

Shadows' lead guitarist

~ Hank B Marvin ~

c. 2004



40th Anniversary model Burns Marvin

Its re-release, in April 2004, is just in time for The Shadows 37-date sell-out UK tour. Fans are looking forward to hearing Hank play the new Marvin during the tour.

"OH! How wonderful!!  You must be so proud your buttons are popping!   I listened to Bunt and voted. Oh my god!!!   It gave me goosebumps!  Now I'm crying.  I'm listening to his other music on the website.

I wish i could just hug VJ a big one right now... [he] is going to ROCK THIS WORLD!!!  What i wouldn't do to see him play right now.  Just a video wouldn't do him justice I'm sure.  Just like TE. You gotta go in person.   So, when shall we start working on his US tour?"

–  Stephanie L

    Oklahoma City USA


"VJ...Go for it, sounds good to me - great to the to know that we have the youngsters still coming along playing the great music of the shads and the like."

–  Spencer S



"It is not the "Train Spotters" of today that matter, they don't even like Hank changing the arrangement of a track, it is the lovers of the music that will see the benefit of a different approach."

–  Pommy Geoff




 Rachel M

 Muswellbrook NSW


Harry H

 Sydney NSW

"The kid is freaky!"

Cameron G

Sydney NSW


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