vj king jr with the hills state cup representative team at opening game of the 2002-2003 baseball season


NSWJBL - Hills State Cup Representative Team - 2002/2003 - Under 12s

This picture was taken on 29 September 2002 after the team's Game 1 win against Cronulla at Castleglen, No 3 field.

from left to right

back row standing - Blake GIFFIN; Eathan DIETRICH; Byron AIRD; Luke TOSSELL; Mark TRAU; VJ KING Jr; Joshua FINNEY

front row kneeling - Luke McDERMOTT; Ryan SCHMIDT; Mark HERN; Matthew BENNETT; Andrew OLSON

front row seated - Joshua JONES-WILDE; Kerrod RYMER



The team first came together following selection trials held during the final 2 weeks of July and the first 2 weeks of August 2002 when they played 2 trial games against visiting Japanese teams on 18 & 19 August 2002.  This left the team with some 5 weeks to train in preparation for their opening Round of the State Cup season on 29 September 2002.


The Team's coaching and management staff comprised

Bruce VIGENSER, Head Coach

 Jim BERGAN and Nigel HERN, Assistant Coaches

Leah FINNEY, Scorer; Wayne FINNEY, Fitness Advisor

John POND... Manager


The Team qualified for the 15-16 February 2003 Finals Series, and remained undefeated at the close of the weekend's proceedings.

 A 'tie' with Manly in the final game relegated Hills to second place behind Manly - on the basis of the runs scored for-and-against system that is used to break such a deadlock.




[1] VJ - who played at 2nd Base - was the shortest kid in the team

[2] Pond (that's, JOHN Pond), is the longest serving NSW Team Manager in Claxton Shield history

      - Claxton Shield is Baseball's highest level of National competition

[3] Wayne FINNEY, notwithstanding photographic evidence to the contrary, does not drink

[4] Blake GIFFIN was awarded Hills' Best Pitcher of the Season

[5] Matthew BENNETT won Hills' Best Batter of the Season

[6] Mark TRAU won Hills' MVP Award

[7] There were 8 qualifying Season Games leading up to the Finals Series, and 5 Final Series games

[8] Best of all - the mums and the dads had as much, if not more fun than the boys




assistant coach jim bergan - hills state cup representative team - 2002-2003


bruce vigenser head coach - hills state cup representative team - 2002-2003



assistant coach nigel hern - hills state cup representative team - 2002-2003



Assistant Coach : Jim BERGAN

Club Affiliation : Hawkesbury


President : Hills Baseball League

Coach : Hawkesbury U12

Runners-Up 2002/2003



Head Coach : Bruce VIGENSER

Club Affiliation : Kings Langley


Bruce Vigenser has enjoyed a life-long association with baseball at all levels - Junior, Senior and, in more recent years, Veteran.

He has occupied the position of Head Coach for the Hills U12 State Cup Team for the past 5 years - producing an enviable record of 3 wins and 2 runners-up results.


Assistant Coach : Nigel HERN

Club Affiliation : Castle Hill


Coach : Castle Hill Knights U12

Premiers 2002/2003



fitness coach wayne finney - hills state cup representative team - 2002-2003


vj king jr - first 'at bat' opening game of the state cup season 2002-2003


manager john pond - hills state cup representative team - 2002-2003


Wayne FINNEY : Fitness Advisor


VJ's 1st 'At Bat' for State Cup 2002/2003


POND... JOHN Pond : Team Manager:


vj king jr and mark hern - castle hill players selected to the hills state cup representative team 2002-2003


old glory - the hills state cup representative team's cap


vj king jr - opening game of the state cup season 2002-2003


Two players represented Castle Hill Baseball Club in the U12 Hills State Cup Team

VJ King Jr - and - Mark Hern


Hills Baseball Cap


First day in uniform - VJ King Jr - #65


laeh finney - scorer for hills state cup representative team 2002-2003


ryan schmidt - vj king jr's fellow second baseman - hills state cup representative team 2002-2003


manager john pond at work in his air conditioned office 2002-2003


Leah FINNEY : Scorer


VJ's fellow Second-baseman



POND... JOHN Pond: at work in his new air conditioned offices


colleen checking out the scenery at kellyville during the state cup season 2002-2003


hills state cup team bench before the game at els hall field - october 2002


belinda and robin - the champagne mums supporting the hills state cup team 2002-2003


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The Bench

(before the game)


Champagne Mums

Belinda & Robin

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The State Cup is conducted by the NSW Junior Baseball League Inc - http://www.isport.com.au/baseball/nswjbl/