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"VJ is one of the most versatile young guitar players I've

seen in my 44 years as a professional musician."
- Phil Emmanuel

Primal Entertainment | VJ King Jr & Phil Emmanuel





  • Debut Public Appearance : 08 March 1999  |  Castle Hill Show Talent Quest  |  Open age event  |  Finalist

  • Debut Professional Performance : 14 May 1999  |  Dural Country Club  |  Courtesy of invitation by promoter Pat Twohill

  • Debut Recording Session : 03 March 2000  |  Graham Lockwood Recording Studio  |  Raining In My Heart

  • Largest Audience : 18 November 2000  |  13,000  |  Sydney Entertainment Centre  |  Guest Solo Artist - Schools Spectacular

  • Debut Talent Quest Win : 12 August 2001  |  Hills Talent Search 2001

  • Debut Video Appearance : 17 December 2001  |  Rising Stars  |  ABC (compilation)

  • Debut Radio Play : 18 December 2001  |  Radio 2UE (954)  |  Brazilian Moon and Sleepwalk  |  plus Interview by show host John Kerr

  • Debut Australian Print Media Review : 15 May 2002  |  Sydney Blues Times  |  article and CD Review by Julie Fox

  • Debut International Print Media Review : 15 July 2002  |  New Gandy Dancer  |  article by Kim Humphreys and CD Review by Davy Peckett

  • Debut Television Performance : 21 April 2003  |  Nine Network 'Mornings With Kerri-Anne'  |  with Tommy Emmanuel

  • Debut Festival Performance : 04 October 2003  |  Narooma Blues Festival  |  Courtesy of invitation by promoter, Neil Mumme

  • Debut International Tour Apprenticeship : 11 October 2006 - 21 October 2006 | accompanying the Wolf Mail European Tour

  • Debut European Performance : 14 October 2006 | Oudenburg, Belgium | with The Wolf Mail Band

  • Debut UK Performance : 26 October 2006 | Nottingham | with Walter Trout & The Radicals


Artist Statement

  • "Music is a gift from the universe. You hold its power in the palm of your hand every time you perform. You never own it, and you must keep giving it away or you'll lose it. Sure, I believe I  have something special to say with my music. Every musician believes that. The key is not whether your music is special but whether it is beneficial. That's the reason why I strive with my music to influence and motivate people to do good things so that we can all work together for a better future. We are all in the wilderness of life and music is a pathway to the promised land ahead."

  • "There are thousands of young people blessed with the gift of music and who could play better than me if given the chance. I've simply been blessed with opportunities those kids have never had. It is for all of them that I play, too."


Artist Profile

  • Colorful Flat pickin' Finger pickin' Australian acoustic/electric guitarist with an impressive list of unique melodic instrumental Blues / Classic / Rock / Ballad arrangements equally suited to intimate club or large festival audiences

  • Appealing to every gender/age demographic VJ's impish charm coupled with his undeniable musical abilities, individuality of style & musical expression is attracting serious attention among audiences and earning genuine admiration among fellow musicians

  • A measure of the high regard in which VJ King Jr is held by his peers may be seen in both Phil Emmanuel's and Tommy Emmanuel's invitations to perform guest spots at their respective 2003, 2004 and 2005 concerts and on two occasions VJ performed with them on Australia's largest National commercial television channel, TV9

  • In October 2006, VJ accompanied US based bluesman, Wolf Mail, on his 2006 European Tour, at the end of which VJ crossed the channel to visit the UK.  While in the UK, he met with touring US blues legend, Walter Trout (ex - Canned Heat, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, and, now, of Walter Trout and The Radicals fame) and performed with the band at their Nottingham concert


HeartBeat Entertainment | Walter Trout & The Radicals | 26 October 2006 | Nottingham UK

Nottingham UK 2006 - with Walter Trout & The Radicals

HeartBeat Entertainment | Wolf Mail Band |22 October 2006 | Nice FR

Nice FR 2006 - with Wolf Mail and Little Jimi


Music & Entertainment Industry Testimonials

  • As a flat-picker & finger-picker with a range of sensitive and attack styles across a number of music genres, VJ has entertained audiences at music festivals, charity events, clubs, pubs, private and  corporate functions.   Here's what a few Entertainment Industry Celebrities have had to say about VJ King Jr over the last few years . . . . .

  • "I had the pleasure of meeting Nathan Cavaleri about 10 years ago, and I never thought I would ever meet another as young and as talented as he in my entire lifetime ... but I just have!"
    Glenn A Baker, tv music host, presenter & rock historian

  • "VJ's attitude in the recording studio, from the outset, was as mature as his playing abilities. Behind that charming smile lies a mind that’s as sharp and focussed as any I’ve met.  For such a young guy he's a remarkable musician. What a memorable recording. We both had a lot of fun. 'OK, VJ, you're off the hook (well, for the moment, at least)'."
    Graham Lockwood, lockwood recording studios
  • “Coming from a musical background, and a bass player since age13, I look at VJ Jr and wonder many things. How can his little hand be so flexible and make its way with such agility around his ‘Strat’ . . . and how does someone so young play a tune with all the feel and expression of a 30 year old? I was truly delighted to have VJ sign my wall of fame along side guys like – Don Burrows, Andrew Oh, Bob Gebert, Col Nolan, Doug Williams, Craig Calhoun, Peter Northcote, Chris Conolly . . . and the list goes on . . . and VJ will, too.”
     Derek Bruce & Janette Bruce, satchmo’s

  • "VJ has a feel for his instrument far beyond his years. Shadow Of A Dream has been permanently on my CD player since receiving it last November. VJ King Jr is a name we will hear a lot more of in the future. I hear he wants to play with Hank [Marvin] . . . if he keeps going the way he is, it will be Hank wanting to play with him."
    Geoff Strachan, shadowsland

  • "Unbelievably talented!"
     Kerri-Anne Kennerley, national TV 9 show host

  • "A defininite child prodigy!"
    Tommy Emmanuel, cgp
  • "You can’t teach feel . . . timing . . . presence . . . mature guitarists strive all their lives for these things . . . he’s got it all, and he’s only 8!”
    Normie Rowe, entertainer

  • “I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to watch VJ's playing evolve from a very early age. Dynamics, feel, phrasing, interpretation - it’s all there. And he plays the guitar with such passion and persuasion. A true natural? - or supernatural? - I’m not sure which!”
    Jeff Mallia, musician & luthier
  • "Recorded when he was EIGHT!! . . . I don't know why I bother . . . :)"
     Martyn Payne, guitarist


  • “There's no doubt that [VJ] seems to have made an impact . . . I think you've got a bright young boy on your hands!"
    Alan Jones, radio celebrity

  • “Not so long ago I had the pleasure of loaning 7-year-old VJ my Fender Telecaster. It’s true . . . he could not lift it! During the weeks and months that followed I watched in amazement as those tiny young fingers quickly turned a learning curve into seasoned accomplishment, making the owner of that old, treasured Telecaster very happy, extremely proud . . . and green with envy.”
    Barry Brady, 50s-70s R 'n R band, the ramrods
  • "Please have your booking agent contact me personally ... you're awesome"
    Jim Strawser, talent buyer, sapphire blues festival, montana usa


  • "Absolutely Excellent!!!"
    Steve Gibb, guitarist

  • “A waft in the air, one I recognise . . . it's Pete Cornelius and the DeVilles for entree. Pete's guitar playing is even slicker and his dad Bruce on drums and Phil on bass makes your ribs vibrate. This year a little blond entree with red cap named VJ King Jr (age 12 or less) played lead guitar duels with Pete (now18) on his sixth year at the Festival. The music we love is in good hands. ”
    David 'TUG' Hooper, the blues times (sydney) march 2003


HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | 26 October 2006 | Nottingham UK

Nottingham UK 2006 - with Walter Trout & The Radicals

  • “Back in May 2001 The Bellhops did a blues cruise on Sydney Harbour and a young unknown named VJ wanted to play a song with us. This kid astounded us not just with his playing but his confidence and maturity. He didn't overplay, had excellent phrasing and timing and actually initiated a call and answer solo with our guitarist. All the best VJ! ”
    Mark Roulston, the bellhops

  • “VJ’s impish charm will undoubtedly make him a media magnet and, coupled with his undeniable musical abilities, trying to keep the lid on this potential juggernaut is going to be a full time job.  Add to this mix, managing the bubbling career of his 14-year old sister, Chantelle Marie King (who is receiving similar accolades for her powerful ‘Broadway’-style vocal abilities) and you realise this is one set of parents with their work cut out for them! ”
    Kim Humphreys, "new" gandy dancer (UK) vol 65, july 2002
  • " At the various cabaret shows that we do, it has been my pleasure to introduce to my audience a number of household names, and seasoned performers; none have elicited the response on the air that VJ King Jr did following each of his two stage appearances. I hope I get first crack at interviewing him when his star starts to shine very brightly."
    John Kerr, host, New Day Australia – radio 2UE and satellite stations throughout NSW, QLD, and the ACT

  • "It's hard to believe that one so young has so much talent on the guitar."
    John Pickering, The Picks (Buddy Holly & The Crickets)


  • "I'm Jealous!!"
    Marshall Lytle, Bill Haley's Original Comets
  • "Haven't heard talent like that for a long time ... very mature feel in his playing with the cheeky sparkle of youth. Love it! ... all the best for the European tour."
    Joe Moretti, guitarist

  • "I have had the great pleasure, on more than one occasion, of welcoming the prodigious talents of VJ King Jr to my stage.  Quite simply, this young man is the future of Australian musicianship, and what a bright future that is!"
    Ross Ward, Ward's Xpress
  • " 'Flabbergasted' is too simple a word to express my feelings on first hearing this "Shadows" prodigy ... I'm now hooked on this youngster's style...!!
    Hank [Marvin] unknowingly has now given us a talented soul for our further inspiration and listening pleasure!
    – John DePaul, Slingshot - orlando, florida, usa
  • "Wunder Kid! ... sensational performance ... he'll definitely be playing my next Australian Tour!"
    Walter Trout, guitarist


  • "...fantastic, fabulous & such a wonderful & gifted guitarist."
    Wendy Rudin, Spirit FM 92.3 radio show host

  • "He's not kidding about the "junior" part. In the fields of country-pop and finger-picking that measure the finest licks by their aura of dusty, time-worn wisdom, VJ King recorded his first album in 2001 at the ripe old age of eight. He has since become a minor icon in his native Australia, drawing attention as an astonishing spectacle but keeping it as a legit axeman."   – Editor, music.download.com

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | 18 September 2005 | Crestwood NSW

Crestwood 2005

Primal Entertainment | VJ King Jr | 01 October 2005 | Narooma NSW

Narooma 2005

Primal Entertainment | VJ King Jr | 02 October 2005 | Narooma NSW

Narooma 2005

  • Phil Emmanuel

  • Tommy Emmanuel

  • Luther Allison

  • Buddy Guy

  • Chet Atkins

  • Robben Ford

  • SRV

  • Hank B Marvin

  • BB King

  • Joe Beard

  • Peter Andrews

  • Wolf Mail

  • Walter Trout

  • Ross Ward

  • Pete Cornelius

Book Ends
  • A chance meeting with Tommy Emmanuel at his 1998 Vinegar Hill Woolshed concert became a catalyst for VJ King Jr becoming an instrumental guitarist.  Two hours of Tommy's music plus a post-concert chat and "Never Give Up" autograph propelled the youngster into action. Eighteen months later, aged 8 years, VJ walked into Graham Lockwood's Blacktown recording studio and laid down the first track for his debut album, Shadow Of A Dream (see below, CD Releases).  Released 28 October 2001, the 12-track album contains nine originals composed especially for VJ by his 'guru-tutor' since 1998, Peter Andrews

  • Talk of this new kid on the block reached the camp of touring Canadian-born US-based bluesman, Wolf Mail, and an invitation followed for VJ to jam with Wolf at his 10 June 2006 Figtree (Australia) gig.   Encouraged by VJ's professional goals, he was invited to join Wolf Mail's 2-week European Tour in October 2006 visiting Holland, Germany, Belgium and France

  • His invitation to a Walter Trout & The Radicals concert led to a backstage meet with Walter Trout - and an invite, gladly accepted, to jam with the band in Nottingham UK on November 26, 2006.  Trout has invited VJ to join his next Australian tour.

CD Releases
  ▲  Title: Shadow Of A Dream  ▲  Genre: Easy Listening / Pop  ▲  Producer: Graham LOCKWOOD Lockwood Recording Studio

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Shadow Of A Dream

Shadow Of A Dream


SwampRat Records


28 October 2001

01 Raining In My Heart
02 Dream Island
03 Ten Out Of Ten
04 Shadow Of A Dream
05 Touchdown
06 Song For Liz
07 Chez Pierre
08 Into The Groove
09 Sleepwalk
10 Brazilian Moon
11 Howdy Hank
12 Junk

Peter Andrews : Composer, except for tracks 1, 9, 12 and Rhythm Guitar

Joe-Ben Mattos : Drums

Graham Lockwood : Bass / Keyboard / Effects

VJ King Jr : Lead Guitar

 VJ King Jr | Shadow Of A Dream - The Story

    Title: Slipstream  ▲  Genre: Easy Listening / Pop  ▲  Producer: Kim HUMPHREYS Now Hear This Recording Studio

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Slipstream



SwampRat Records

Release Date

19 May 2002

01 Aubrey
02 At The End Of The Song
03 Part Time Love
04 The Preacher

05 The Preacher (Reprise)

Peter Andrews : Arranger & Rhythm Guitar

Kim Humphreys : Effects

VJ King Jr: Lead Guitar

 VJ King Jr | Slipstream - The Story

   Title: Ignition  ▲  Genre Blues / Blues Pop / Blues Rock

HeartBeat Entertainment | VJ King Jr | Ignition



SwampRat Records

Release Date



 VJ King Jr | Ignition - The Story



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Renoir of Guitar

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Audio Samples



Sample Audio 01

Into The Groove

Sample Audio 02

The Rise and Fall Of Flingel Bunt


Video Samples


Sample Video 01


Sydney Entertainment Centre

Sample Video 02


Crestwood Fair Live






VJ King Jr




 – 2006 WOLF MAIL Tour –




Following the 11th Annual Telstra Great Southern Blues Festival (Narooma NSW AUSTRALIA on 29-30 September 2006)

Wolf Mail and VJ King Jr flew to Europe for shows in Germany - Belgium - Netherlands - France

At the end of this leg, Wolf Mail flew to Russia and VJ King Jr to the UK before returning to Australia early November 2006


(dates as at 04 October 2006)



• October 12, 2006 - Blues Radio Germany - Wuppertal, Germany

• October 12, 2006 - Radio Okerwelle FM 104.6 - Braunschweig, Germany

• October 13, 2006 - Fair cafe - Schortens, Germany - SOLD OUT
• October 14, 2006 - Motorcycle Club - Oudenburg, Belgium

• October 15, 2006 - Wilhelmina - Eindhoven, Netherlands 

• October 17, 2006 - Radio Coteaux - France

• October 18, 2006 - James Cafe - Lyon - France

• October 19, 2006 - France 3 National TV - PACA - France

• October 19, 2006 - Jack's Blues - Nice, France - SOLD OUT
• October 20, 2006 - Jack's Blues - Nice, France - SOLD OUT
• October 21, 2006 - Jack's Blues - Nice, France - SOLD OUT


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