VJ King Jr | Shadow of a Dream | CD Cover

Shadow Of A Dream

- CD Review by Julie Fox -

VJ King Jr | Shadow of a Dream | CD Cover

front cover sydney blues times may 2002



Shadow Of A Dream
($29.95 incl. postage)
1 Binet Way
Glenhaven NSW 2156

front cover sydney blues times may 2002

SOME MAY HAVE come across VJ King Jr on one of our harbour cruises last year when he stepped up on stage with a borrowed guitar, twice his size, and proceeded to knock everyone out with his playing and confidence. I know Mark, from the Bellhops, was very impressed.

After speaking to VJ King Sr I ordered Shadow Of A Dream, put it on the player with somewhat prejudged expectations, found myself tapping and moving to the music, thoroughly enjoying a familiar tune with some nice, clean guitar playing - very reminiscent of Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins, when I suddenly stopped and realised, wait a minute, THIS KID IS ONLY 8 YEARS OLD!!

While Shadow Of A Dream was recorded 2 years ago (VJ has now hit the ripe old age of 10), his love of music, and particularly the Blues, has deepened and matured. This recording was suggested by VJ's music teacher, Peter Andrews, who sensed he had a very special young man in his musical care. 'Shadow' was supposed to be just a musical chapter in the progress of young VJ's tuition, but turned out to be something any musician, young or old, would be proud to own. When you listen to this CD you are not listening to a child playing - you are listening to a musician beyond his years.

Nine of the twelve tracks are originals, composed especially for this album by Peter Andrews. The three covers are Raining In My Heart, with VJ on a Martin d35 acoustic, Peter Andrews playing rhythm, also on a Martin d35 acoustic and the owner/engineer of Lockwood Recording Studios, Graham Lockwood, programming bass, keyboard, effects, and drum track. Sleepwalk, featuring VJ on a Fender Stratocaster, bringing back memories of a very familiar time, and Graham Lockwood taking it into the 21st Century with some clever rap singing. The 3rd cover, bringing Shadow Of A Dream to a close, is one of my all time favourites, the Paul McCartney tune, Junk - and VJ does it very well. Beautiful feeling, once again using the Fender Stratocaster.

The 9 originals, also instrumentals, (which should please anyone worried that an 8 year old shouldn't attempt to sing on an album directed at an adult market) cover quite a few musical styles - everything from Shadows-inspired tunes (Track2, Dream Island, Track 4, Shadow Of A Dream, and a very clever tribute to Hank Marvin, track 11, Howdy Hank, a medley of Shadows numbers with VJ's own interpretation).

A European flavour is introduced in Track 7, Chez Pierre, once again showcasing VJ's talents on acoustic guitar, then Track 10, Brazilian Moon, adding that romantic Latin touch with the Stratocaster. Track 8, Into The Groove, for the jazz lovers, with a big band sound and the only vocals, Graham Lockwood, Jeanette Horne and Peter Andrews interspersed with some very 'groovy' guitar playing.

As I said, 12 tracks in all, covering many styles - I am told Blues will definitely feature on his next CD, currently in the pipeline. Talent and dedication should be encouraged - we need, and look forward to, our next generation of Blues players. Shadow Of A Dream is not a CD you will play once and put away - you'll find yourself pressing that replay button again, and again. Take it in the car on a drive or put it on late at night - this is not a kid thrashing an electric guitar, but a very tasteful musician interpreting some familiar and varied styles.

VJ has very generously offered to donate $5 from all sales of Shadow Of A Dream to The Sydney Blues Society - when purchased by registered members. So include your membership number when sending that cheque/money order - help promote and encourage a young musician, and at the same time, enable us to hire more musicians to play at gigs for you!

Julie Fox reviewer

The Blues Times
Issue 112 p10
May 2002 

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VJ King Jr | Shadow of a Dream | CD Cover

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VJ King Jr | Shadow of a Dream | CD Cover